It will be another chilly day today, but at least the weather forecast is a lot less ugh than yesterday’s, right? Gotta look for silver linings. To start off the cold and windy day, we’ve got updates for you on a new bill proposed by a Pennsylvania lawmaker that is stirring up opposition and has to do with violent video games. Plus, the Inquirer has obtained a report attacking the 2012 investigation into the sex-abuse scandal at Penn State. That report has its own opposition, too.

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The Inquirer has recently obtained a report, signed by seven alumni-elected members of Pennsylvania State University’s board of trustees, which criticizes Louis Freeh’s 2012 investigation into the school’s sex-abuse scandal.

The 109-page report, compiled last year, asserts that the former FBI director didn’t have evidence to blame the school’s football "culture” or prove its leaders were involved in covering up Jerry Sandusky’s attacks on children.

Penn State’s leadership criticized the report’s release and Freeh dismissed it as a misguided attempt to exonerate the university and its former leaders.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Christopher Quinn, a Republican representing Delaware County, is proposing a 10-percent sales tax on violent video games.

His goal? To raise tax revenue for school districts undergoing safety projects such as installing bulletproof glass, metal detectors, or security cameras.

To the gaming industry and experts on the impact of videos games, however, Quinn’s bill is misguided and potentially unconstitutional.

Should women who are pregnant or breastfeeding use marijuana? Medical, addiction, and law enforcement authorities say no.

That’s because, thanks to research gaps, the health effects of marijuana are far from clear.

Despite the unknowns, more mothers and moms-to-be are swearing by the plant’s abilities to treat nausea, pain, migraines, and more.

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