I’m sorry to report that it will once again be way too cold today. To warm your heart, at least, you’ll want to read up on a new program coming to Philadelphia that’s hoping to help the city’s homeless find a new lease on life. What sets it apart from similar programs around the country? It has a uniquely Philly twist. In less warm-and-fuzzy news, the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries are not pleased they’re being barred from Pennsylvania’s big cannabis fest next month. We’ve also got some updates this morning from Phillies spring training about someone named Bryce? Harper? Maybe you’ve heard of him?

— Aubrey Nagle (@aubsn, morningnewsletter@philly.com)

Day-work programs that offer hope to the homeless have grown in popularity in recent years. Like at least a dozen other cities around the country, Camden County launched its own program a year and a half ago.

Now Philadelphia is getting one of its own — but it won’t have participants picking up trash or pulling weeds.

Instead, workers will make public art in a city known for its murals. In fact, the program will be run by Mural Arts Philadelphia and the nonprofit Mental Health Partnerships.

Pennsylvania’s largest annual cannabis fest is slated for (when else?) April 20. At least 10,000 marijuana enthusiasts, patients, and cannabis-curious onlookers are expected to join the Scranton celebration.

But the state’s biggest dispensaries, which provide medical marijuana to 100,000 registered patients, won’t be there.

Late last week, the state’s Department of Health prohibited dispensaries and growers from participating. The problem? The festival’s more about cannabis culture than medicine.

It pays to have friends in high places. During a radio interview from spring training Tuesday, new Phillie Bryce Harper said he has no problem stepping in to recruit New Jersey native and die-hard Eagles fan Mike Trout in 2020.

And sure, it’s conceivable that the Phillies could float both stars’ salaries. But in the meantime, Harper’s introducing himself to his new teammates before he makes his spring debut on Saturday.

Harper may be getting all the headlines, but he isn’t the only thing fans need to pay attention to during the Phillies’ spring training.

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