Gene Dykes, 70, of Bala Cynwyd runs because he loves it. He’s inspiring fans and is more than willing to share his marathon secrets. I’ll see you at the Broad Street Run, Gene. Also on Broad Street, the Sixers will kick off their latest playoff run Saturday against the Brooklyn Nets amid a cloud of uncertainty. A dark cloud also hangs over the nonprofit charity organization created by Philly music legend Kenny Gamble. Two charity executives have been implicated in a federal probe.

“Just run.” That’s the secret Gene Dykes — a 70-year-old marathon runner from Bala Cynwyd — shares when fans ask him how he does it.

Dykes isn’t the typical example of a fading, aging athlete who’s still pretty good. He’s doing things other runners dream of and it appears he’s getting even better.

His upcoming race schedule includes Monday’s Boston Marathon, California’s Big Sur Marathon and Philly’s Broad Street Run. He does it all for the love of running and he’s inspiring others along the way.

Famed Philly music producer Kenny Gamble founded Universal Companies — an education and real estate development charity — in 1993. In federal charges filed Thursday, officials allege that officers of Universal paid kickbacks to secure contracts to operate charter schools in Milwaukee.

Charges were filed against Michael Bonds, the former board president of Milwaukee Public Schools, but the two Universal executives allegedly behind the payoffs were not charged. Gamble is not accused of any wrongdoing.

The two executives were identified by position, not by name. Tax records indicate that one of the positions correspond with a man who founded Universal along with Gamble.

The Sixers’ season included 51 wins and they enter the playoffs with about as many question marks. The biggest among them — the health of their star, Joel Embiid.

With or without Embiid, the Sixers open their first round series against the surprisingly dangerous Brooklyn Nets on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. in South Philly. From the opening tip, all eyes and a world of pressure will be on head coach Brett Brown.

Brown and fans should breathe a collective sigh of relief when they see the winning percentage of the team’s potent starting lineup. However, Brown wishes they had a bigger sample size of games.

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April 12, 2019

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