Of course. No snow for months and then on Eagles game day, that kind of low-key annoying snow that just won’t quit.

The bad news: It’s likely gonna last until the game is over.

The good news: It’s just a light snow shower and it probably won’t accumulate -- in Philly, at least. (For all of youse down the Shore, you’re looking at five to seven inches of snow.)

The bad news: Everyone’s betting against the Eagles.

The good news: That’s our natural element.

OK, we could go on.

What you need to know is that if you’re on your way to a watch party this afternoon or to pick up some rations to brace yourself for the anxiety of the game, bundle up. Channel the extreme tailgaters who prefer to watch the game from a tent outside the Linc (50-year-old Seagrams V.O., anyone?). Wear your best Eagles layers, etc.

But the real time to be on alert is after the game. If you’re heading home (or out into the streets searching for the nearest pole to climb), watch out for patches of ice on the roads, as the temperature will have dropped below freezing by then, said National Weather Service meteorologist Jonathan O’Brien. (O’Brien also tells us he’s a recent transplant from New England so he has a complicated relationship with the Eagles. We’ll choose to trust him on the weather stuff.)

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, when the Eagles face the Saints it’ll be a balmy 54 degrees. That’s outside. The game will be played indoors, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, which, as its name implies, is covered. Lucky for those Eagles fans who made the trek down South.

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