Crispy, hot wings — dry-rubbed or sauce-slathered, grilled or fried, jumbo-sized or boneless — are a staple of any Super Bowl party. With just days until the Patriots vs. Rams showdown, it’s time to start planning where to place your order come Sunday.

Below, find 15-plus area spots serving up wings of all styles, from classic buffalo and extra-spicy habanero to buttermilk ranch-spiced and black garlic. There are even a couple vegetarian contenders, including some cauliflower wings that one of our taste-testers (see video below) ranked as on par with their meaty counterparts.

Every restaurant listed can fill takeout orders. If you prefer to watch the game at a bar, look for the “eat-in” label — indicating not only plenty of wings but also plenty of TVs. For the purposes of Super Bowl Sunday, restaurants with eat-in service but no TVs are marked only with the “takeout” label.

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Moriarty’s Restaurant and Irish Pub

With more than 20 draft beers on tap, there’s plenty of decision-making you’ll face upon stepping into Moriarty’s. One thing you won’t want to think twice about: placing an order for their award-winning wings. Slathered in a tangy buffalo sauce, the crispy jumbo wings (the kind that you pull off of a whole chicken) come seven to an order, served alongside the classic trio of carrots, celery, and blue cheese dip. Grab them to go, or stay for the game — the Irish pub offers a dozen TVs to catch all the action.

Eat-in, takeout. $13 for seven jumbo wings. 1116 Walnut St. 215-627-7676.

Federal Donuts

While the fried chicken sandwich and doughnut duo at Federal Donuts is not to be missed, it’s the wings you’ll want to order on Super Bowl Sunday. Get them dry-rubbed with seasonings like za’atar, coconut curry, and buttermilk ranch, or glazed with sauces like chili-garlic, sweet soy-garlic, and honey-ginger. The buttermilk ranch spice — most famous from FedNuts' fried chicken sandwich — is the most popular dry rub; chili-garlic sauce clocks in as the top-selling glaze. Bonus: Beat the Sunday rush by ordering online ahead of time, and take advantage of the $53, online-only deal featuring 25 wings and a dozen fancy donuts.

Takeout. $10 for 5 wings, $50 for 25 wings, $53 for 25 wings and a dozen fancy donuts. 1219 Second St.; 1632 Sansom St.; 701 N. Seventh St.; 540 South St.; 3428 Sansom St.; 2101 Pennsylvania Ave.

Stogie Joe’s Tavern

While stromboli, pasta, and pizza fill the menu of this East Passyunk staple, its wings draw in neighborhood regulars. Order them baked or fried, and then pick from three sauces — spicy buffalo, house-made BBQ, and chili-garlic-lime-honey. Pro tip: If you’re having trouble settling on a sauce, go for a combo. Stogie’s will happily mix up a buffalo-BBQ blend for you.

Eat-in, takeout. $11 for 10 wings. 1801 E. Passyunk Ave. 215-463-3030.

Saté Kampar

At Saté Kampar, jumbo wings get a Southeast Asian twist. They’re seasoned with onion, shallots, ginger, lemongrass, and Malaysian spices before heading to the fryer. House-made chili sauce comes on the side, perfect for those who want to turn up the heat.

Takeout. $15 for 4 jumbo wings. 1837 E. Passyunk Ave. 267-324-3860.

Cheu Noodle Bar and Cheu Fishtown

To mix up the buffalo and BBQ standards, call one of Cheu’s locations and place an order for the black garlic wings. These fall-off-the-bone-tender wings manage to maintain a crispy exterior, which gets lightly tossed in a dark, sticky sauce. To cut the richness of the sauce — made from fermented garlic, soy sauce, and brown sugar — cooks finish the wings with chopped scallions and sesame seeds.

Takeout. $11 for six wings. 255 S. 10th St.; 1416 Frankford Ave.,

At both Cheu locations, wings come marinated in fermented garlic, soy sauce, and brown sugar.
Courtesy Cheu Fishtown
At both Cheu locations, wings come marinated in fermented garlic, soy sauce, and brown sugar.

Tasty Place

Tasty Place’s salt-baked wings — marinated in ginger and scallions, then wok-fried in a cornstarch crust — are a prime reason to make a pit stop in Chinatown before the big game. At just under $12 for a dozen, they’re also a steal.

Takeout. $11.95 for 12 wings. 143 N. 11th St. 215-592-8990.

North Third

Want to watch the Super Bowl in a neighborhood bar? Go to North Third. The Northern Liberties spot offers two well-reviewed wing options, a classic spicy buffalo-style and a mildly spiced Thai chili-glazed version served with peanuts and cilantro.

Eat-in, takeout. $12 for a pound (usually eight to 10 wings). 801 N. 3rd St. 215-413-3666.

El Camino Real

El Camino Real has solid options for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Carnivores can choose between chicken or pork served in either buffalo or honey BBQ sauce. The chicken wings are house-smoked before getting crisped in the fryer, while the pork “wings” use meat from the shank for considerably tender results. The Northern Liberties Tex-Mex spot also boasts one of the best veggie wing options in the city. Salty, crispy strips of seitan are slathered in spicy buffalo sauce and served with chunky blue cheese dressing.

Eat-in, takeout, vegetarian. Chicken: $9 for roughly 7 wings, $17 for around 14 wings; pork: $9 for around 3 wings, $17 for around 6 wings; seitan: $9 for a roughly pound, $17 for roughly 2 pounds. 1040 N. 2nd St. 215-925-1110.

Front Street Cafe

Front Street Cafe’s buffalo cauliflower wings are worth ordering even if you’re not vegetarian. Better yet, unlike chicken wings, these spicy, saucy, fried bites of delight can easily be cut with a fork and knife, then dipped in creamy, ranch-like cucumber-dill dressing. The “wings” can also come tossed in garlic-Sriracha sauce, as delicious as it is fiery.

Takeout, vegetarian. $12 for about a dozen pieces. 1253 N. Front St. 215-592-8990.

Byrne’s Tavern

Byrne’s Tavern sells so many wings on Super Bowl Sunday that the Port Richmond spot closes to the public in order to manage incoming takeout requests. (You can still grab a drink at the bar while you’re waiting to pick up your order.) Choose anywhere between a dozen to 100 wings to go, all slathered in a buffalo sauce that falls between mild and medium. Take note: Blue cheese and celery cost extra. The dip goes for 75 cents for four ounces, $2.75 for a pint, and $5.50 for a quart; a bundle of celery goes for 75 cents.

Takeout. $9.70 for 12 wings, $19.20 for 25 wings, $38 for 50 wings, $57.25 for 75 wings, $74.90 for 100 wings. 3301 Richmond St. 215-423-3444.

Curran’s Irish Inn

There’s never a lack of football fans inside this Northeast game day hot spot, which has more than a dozen TVs and wing options galore. The Cajun-spiced variety are their best-selling, but sauces like hot, mild, medium, garlic, and BBQ are available, too. Getting takeout? Curran’s can easily fill orders of up to 100. And take note for next season: Wings come 60 cents a pop whenever the Eagles take the field.

Eat-in, takeout. $10.95 for 10 wings, $17.95 for 20 wings, $42.95 for 50 wings, $69.95 for 100 wings. 6900 State Rd. 215-332-8892.

P.J. Whelihan’s

Formerly the official supplier of the now-defunct Wing Bowl, P.J. Whelihan’s runs a serious buffalo chicken business. With over a dozen locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the restaurant group fried up 10.5 million wings in 2017. More than 10 sauce options are available — the hot ‘n honey is the most popular — and a takeout special of 52 wings for $52 makes it easy to cater to large crowds. The menu includes plenty of other party food, too, like cheesesteak nachos, buffalo shrimp, pretzel nuggets, crab dip, and loaded tater tots.

Eat-in, takeout. $6.49 for 5 wings, $11.99 for 10 wings, $22.99 for 20 wings, and $52 for 52 wings. 1854 E. Marlton Pike, Cherry Hill, N.J.; 700 Haddon Ave., Haddon Township, N.J.; 396 S. Lenola Rd., Maple Shade, N.J.; 425 Hurffville-Cross Keys Rd., Sewell, N.J.; 799 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell; 853 E. Lancaster Ave., Downingtown; 12 General Warren Blvd., Malvern; 4803 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square; 1347 Wilmington Pike, West Chester; The Marketplace at Oaks, 180 Mill Road, Oaks.

Wing Bowl supplier P.J. Whelihan’s served up 10.5 million wings in 2017. The Hot ‘N Honey version tops the list as the most popular wing option.
Courtesy P.J. Whelihan's
Wing Bowl supplier P.J. Whelihan’s served up 10.5 million wings in 2017. The Hot ‘N Honey version tops the list as the most popular wing option.

45th Street Pub

Whether fried, grilled, or boneless, wings fly out of the kitchen of 45th Street Pub. You can pick up to three sauces at this South Jersey sports bar, and feel free to get creative with mixing. Spicy mango-habanero-lime, anyone?

Eat-in, takeout. $11.99 for 10 wings, $16.99 for 15 wings and 3 sauces, $22.49 for 20 wings, $52.99 for 50 wings. 2545 45th St., Pennsauken Township, N.J. 856-488-4578.

Jug Handle Inn

Up for a challenge? Order the Bald Eagle wings at the Jug Handle Inn and see if you can finish off two or three of the extra-spicy habanero wings without a sip of water in between. The Burlington County hangout has milder options, too — like rum BBQ, jerk spice, and garlic — among its 15-plus flavorings.

Eat-in, takeout. Prices vary per sauce. 1018 Forklanding Rd., Cinnaminson, N.J. 856-665-8696.

Pic-A-Lilli Inn

This historic Jersey pub has a reputation for serving up tender, top-notch wings. Sauces include classics like mild, spicy, and honey BBQ, along with less traditional takes like Jim Beam Maple, garlic-parm, and teriyaki. In the event you want to try out a different protein, Pic-A-Lilli also offers buffalo shrimp, scallops, and calamari.

Eat-in, takeout. $7 for six wings, $12 for 13 wings, $20 for 25 wings, $35 for 50 wings, and $60 for 100 wings. 866 Route 206, Shamong, N.J. 609-268-2066.