This month, the couple behind Bella Vista’s Hale & True Cider Co. is inviting fellow cider enthusiasts into their taproom to share trade secrets. Co-owners Kerry and Risa McKenzie are offering an intensive cider-making course that will cover everything from different types of apples to fermentation basics to bottling — enough information for participants to learn how to make cider at home.

“We decided to start the course because it’s something I would have loved to do back when we first started making cider,” Kerry McKenzie said in an email. “After speaking to guests in the taproom and seeing their enthusiasm for cider and the process, we knew we had to make it happen.”

The $175 course consists of three two-hour sessions held over five weeks at the Hale & True taproom at 613 S. Seventh St., starting Tuesday, Jan. 29, and continuing on Feb. 12 and 26.

Students will make cider using juice from a local orchard, sample and learn about different styles of cider, add yeasts and sugars, and bottle their own cider. After two weeks, it will be ready to drink, and each participant will take home a gallon of cider.

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