First lady Martha Washington wrote in her journals about using whiskey to preserve the taste of cherries into the long winter. This week, local craft spirits company Art in the Age released its own version of that spirit, whiskey infused with cherries in the barrels.

Art in the Age’s Cherry Bounce was made from rye whiskey stored in oak with cherries and apple brandy, and it also has warm flavors from baking spices like vanilla bean and black cardamom. Only 200 bottles were made; it sells for $49.99 online at, or at the tasting room at 116 N. Third St.

“Rye whiskey was purposefully chosen and distilled for its composition. Good rye often shares stone-fruit flavor notes but brings along a bit of spice as well. The use of rye was to ensure the base spirit became a crucial (and historically accurate) part to the overall cordial.” said Steven Grasse, founder of Quaker City Mercantile, the spirits-focused branding firm that created AITA as its creative partner.

The liqueur can be used in cocktails or sipped neat or on the rocks.

Art in the Age is hosting a launch event Feb. 19 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Museum of the American Revolution and the Powel House. At “George Washington Drank Here: a presidential history crawl,” attendees will learn about life in Philadelphia during the revolution, then go to Art in the Age for President’s Day-inspired cocktails.