Almost all of Philadelphia is psyched about outfielder Bryce Harper’s historic contract with the Phillies, but one radio station is celebrating the deal with a name change.

Beasley Media Group’s 95.7 BEN FM will now be known as BRYCE FM. The rebrand is in honor of the much-anticipated addition to the Phillies lineup, according to a release.

“We’re very excited about Bryce making a long-term commitment to the team and fans in Philadelphia,” morning host Matt Cord said. “We thought it would be fun to give him his due by renaming the station in tribute to him.”

A post on the station’s website, meanwhile, put it a little more enthusiastically: “We have baseballs big enough to be called 95.7… BRYCE... FM!!!”

In addition to the name-change, BRYCE FM will kick off a contest on Monday, March 4, to send a listener to see “Baseball’s LeBron” work out with the Phillies during spring training.

Further contest details were not announced, nor were any other changes at the station. BEN FM branding is still visible on the station’s website. The change will last “until further notice,” a spokesperson said.

The marketing move recalls the infamous IHOP/IHOB ad campaign from last year, in which the pancake restaurant known as the International House of Pancakes temporarily changed its name to the International House of Burgers. According to a report from Business Insider, the promotion was a “huge success” that quadrupled burger sales at the chain.

While the longevity of BRYCE FM remains to be seen, Harper’s contract is finite. As his agent told reporters this week, the right fielder “wanted one city for the rest of his career,” and now, that city is Philadelphia. At 13 years and $330 million, his contract with the Phillies is considered the “most lucrative contract in American sports history,” according to an Inquirer report.

“The sky’s the limit for him,” Phillies manager Gabe Kapler said of Harper on Thursday. “There’s really no ceiling.”