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Snider Hockey partners with UPenn to grow youth program, improve rink, with $7 million gift

The gift will allow the Class of 1923 Arena to become a year-round facility and host an intensive summer youth hockey program.

Ugly day at a suburban Philly beauty salon leads to $40,000 payout to fired employee

Kennett Square hair salon ordered to pay $40,000 to a hair stylist who was fired after her husband reported unsafe working conditions.

‘It’d be like flipping a switch.’ Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensaries eye adult-use market

Industry spokesman Andrew Blasco, who deemed Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program an "unqualified success" said his membership would support a move to recreational use.

Majority of New Jersey residents favor legalizing recreational marijuana, poll shows

New Jersey residents support legalizing weed for recreational use, but they're a bit softer on how cannabis should be made available for sale.

First year of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana sales: Plenty of patients, a trickle of taxes

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program celebrated its one year anniversary this week, racking up an impressive number of participating patients and doctors, sales and a trickle of tax revenues for the treasury.

This ‘drug kingpin’ spent 30 years in prison. Now he owns a hemp cafe in South Philly.

After more than three decades in prison, Martorano plans to grow his Hip Hemp Cafe into a chain of 12 shops down the east coast from Staten Island to Fort Lauderdale.

Retired US Marine captain sues 3M; says deafness caused by faulty combat ear plugs

Capt. Matthew Morrison, who is now deaf in one ear, claims the 3M combat earplugs had a dangerous design flaw.

Meet ‘WeedHead,’ author of How to succeed in Green Rush at this N.J. cannabis conference

The Accelerate Cannabis conference, set for Feb. 19 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, will present policy makers, entrepreneurs, scientists and strategists.

Fallen Tour de France champion, who took refuge in marijuana, to open CBD cafe in Amish heartland

Floyd Landis, winner of the 2006 Tour de France, was was stripped of his title for doping. Now a cannabis entrepeneur, the Lancaster native is returning to his hometown to open a CBD and cycling cafe.

What’s fresh in the latest Pa. bill to legalize cannabis for recreational use?

This is the first bill to be introduced after Gov. Tom Wolf said mid-December that its time for Pennsylvania to seriously consider legalizing recreational use. Such bills, typically sponsored by Democrats, face the uphill task of convincing Republican lawmakers who have typically been opposed to...