Anthony R. Wood
Anthony R. Wood

Tony Wood has been writing about weather and the atmosphere for The Inquirer for 26 years.

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Region shut down ... by forecast more than the snow

Up to 4 inches of snow fell across the region on what already was a snow day for much of the region. The forecast also had an impact.

Up to 5 inches of snow possible, Philly schools closed, Wednesday evening commute looking ugly

Parts of the region could see up to 5 inches of snow, followed by sleet and rain. November redeux?

Surprise! The 1979 Presidents’ Day mega-snowstorm that no one saw coming.

By the time it ended, two feet of snow had creamed the Washington area, with just over 14 inches in Philadelphia and close to 13 in New York City.

Snow, ice, mess on tap for Tuesday; icy morning commute likely

After the biggest snow of the year (it's been that kind of year), the region might be getting something more disruptive on Tuesday.

Snow-less in Boston. From deep freeze to “air quality” alert in Philly. What is with this winter?

Diary of a strange winter. Hard to believe, Philadelphia's snow total is more than triple that of Boston. Harder to believe, Raleigh has had four times as much snow as Boston.

After record cold, nuisance snow, could temperatures really go from 7 to 60? Forecasters say yes.

Three cold records have fallen in Philadelphia, but here comes April?

Record cold likely Thursday; wind chills below zero. But it’s not going to last.

Not Chicago, but Philadelphia is heading for a record cold Jan. 31. But it's not going to last.

Sub-zero wind chills, and record cold on tap

For a few days at least, Philly will be colder than Anchorage; a record is possible Thursday.

Forecast takes a chilling turn; ‘colder and stormier’ conditions expected

The next few weeks could be rough on heating bills and highway budgets as meteorologists see cold and stormy weather perhaps persisting through February. A coastal storm is possible early next week.

Snow, ice threat ebbing for Philly; flash freeze still a lock

The snow and ice threat for the Philadelphia region is waning, but expect a flash freeze as the weekend storm pulls away, along with a harvest of black ice.