Helen Ubiñas is an award-winning columnist at the Daily News. She is a champion of the little guy (or gal), especially those Philly residents who go unseen and unheard, and a not-so-easily-plucked thorn in the side of city politicians and organizations who forget they serve the public.

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Wanted: Philadelphia leaders who are bold and brave and clear-eyed about gun violence | Helen Ubiñas

Crime is the most pressing issue facing Philadelphia, but City Council candidates don’t have good solutions to fight it.


Philly, we’re headed back to the Art Museum to Fill The Steps Against Gun Violence. Will you be there? | Helen Ubiñas

For the fourth year in a row, we're calling Philadelphians impacted by gun violence to the Art Museum steps.


In America, we’d rather make tragic heroes of our children than protect them | Helen Ubiñas

When it comes to gun violence, our capacity for complicity overwhelms our capacity for action.

Gun violence victims still feel forgotten. Sen. Bob Casey and Rep. Dwight Evans hope to change that.

Following a 2018 Inquirer report on the struggles faced by gun violence victims in the U.S., two lawmakers are cosponsoring a Resources for Victims of Gun Violence Act.


An enduring morning ritual between mother and son | Helen Ubiñas

Elsa Alicea pours her coffee in a brown ceramic mug. Her son takes it with a little milk and sugar.


With a cane in hand, he’s passing out a letter forgiving the person who shot him

“It doesn’t have to be hate always. I think the process of forgiveness is healing.”


If I die from gun violence, publicize the photo of my death | Helen Ubiñas

Can publicizing the graphic photos of a gunshot victim's death end gun violence? The Columbine High School students who created the uncensored campaign think it might.


Philly students aim to #FillTheSteps against gun violence | Helen Ubiñas

"Our voices have to be louder than their automatics."


Why this ex-chef’s pastime is cleaning Philly parks of needles

Not all heroes wear capes. One wears a cap that reads, “Mr. Clean and Safe Parks.”