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‘John Wick: Chapter Three - Parabellum’ is fun, but as long as its title | Movie review

Keanu Reeves battles the world's top assassins in John Wick: Chapter Three -- Parabellum.


Innocent, and on death row: ‘Trial by Fire’ follows a miscarriage of justice | Movie review

Jack O'Connell is a condemned inmate whose probably innocence is established by a woman (Laura Dern) who takes an interest in his case in the true story 'Trial by Fire.'


Slayin’ in the rain: In Chinese battle epic 'Shadow,’ violence is an umbrella term | Movie review

In ancient China, a military commander uses his mirror-image double to win a war in director Yimou Zhang's wuzia spectacular Shadow.


‘Biggest Little Farm': This documentary on sustainable farming is not just a good watch, it’s also surprisingly moving | Movie review

Two city dwellers revive a family farm in the documentary Biggest Little Farm, which develops into a profound statement on mans relationship to the earth.


‘The Sun Is Also a Star': The universe bends in the direction of cute guys

A man (Charles Melton) tries to convince a woman (Yara Shahidi) about to be deported that they are in love in "The Sun is also a Star.' .

Boban vs. Keanu in ‘John Wick 3'

The “John Wick III” director talks about shooting a fight to the death with Keanu Reeves and Sixers backup center Boban Marjanovic. Guess who wins.


‘The Hustle’: A ‘Scoundrels’ remake that’s mostly rotten | Movie review

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson are con artists in this comic remake of 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.'


‘Pokémon: Detective Pikachu’ doesn’t understand its audience, and the feeling will be mutual | Movie review

A young man (Justice Smith) solves the mystery of his father's disappearance with the help of a yellow Pokemon in 'Detective Pikachu.' .


‘Tolkien': Fan (non)fiction for the 'Lord of the Rings’ crowd | Movie review

The school years and WWI service of J.R.R. Tolkein (Nicholas Hoult) are shown to have a major influence on his novels in 'Tolkein.'