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Constitution Center’s bold new exhibit takes on the Civil War and Reconstruction

A new permanent exhibit, opening Thursday, is believed to be the only one in the nation exploring the monumental events surrounding the Civil War and its aftermath.

Schuylkill Yards may be rising on the graves of Philadelphia’s unstoried past

Two large historic cemeteries occupied land in the vicinity of the development planned near 30th Street Station. Whether or not skeletal remains are still there is an open question.

Susan Talbott is leaving the Fabric Workshop and Museum

Hired as an interim leader after founder Kippy Stroud's sudden death, Talbott has kept the quirky museum/workshop on the national radar and built a sustainable administrative structure. She'll step down at the end of September.

Museum volunteer astonishes PAFA with $8 million gift

Beloved tour guide Estelle Rubens had told the academy she planned to leave it a little something after she died. No one expected this. The $8 million gift is one of the largest in Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts history.

Layoffs at the Historical Society have been a long time coming

"Long delayed-aftershocks" from the recession, donor exhaustion, and other troubles have been mounting. Not all of Philadelphia's history museums are on shaky ground, though.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania lays off 30 percent of its staff

Operating deficits and prolonged and unsuccessful partnership efforts have taken a toll.

Before Marie Kondo there was Sara Berman — and her closet is going on display near the Liberty Bell on Independence Mall

Artist Maira Kalman and her son celebrate Maira's gloriously fastidious mother with an outdoor monument to a humble life well lived. See it on Independence Mall Friday through Sept. 2.

PAFA acquires about 130 works for its collection

Works by women and African American artists continue to join the museum collection.

Christ Church steeple is leaning, and help is on the way to set things straight

A National Endowment for the Humanities grant being announced Thursday will put the historic church near the $3.1 million it needs to stabilize and renovate the steeple and the brick tower on which it sits. A handful of other local groups will receive grants, as well.