I cover what it’s like to live and work in the Philadelphia region, with an eye toward workers, corporations and labor.

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This Philly show about ‘getting around’ won a big-deal emerging podcasting award

Straight from Upper Darby, “Who Taught You How to Drive?!” beat out thousands of applicants for the inaugural class of a podcast program that aims to make the industry more diverse and accessible.

‘Johnny Doc’ remains head of Building Trades as anonymous letter urges concern

At the unusually well-attended meeting run by Dougherty, the Building Trades agreed to stand behind him.

Why Johnny Doc’s indictment is a problem for all Philly unions

Unions have long fought against stereotypes painting them as corrupt or "mobbed up," and though the tide has since turned, Dougherty's indictment — as well as the silence around his alleged crimes — threatens to color how the public sees labor in one of the country's last strong labor towns.

A tale of two Docs: What labor is saying in light of the federal indictment of John Dougherty

Although he allegedly violated not only federal law but those of IBEW’s constitution, those who know and admire him say his actions can’t be perceived as anything but that of a hard-line advocate for workers.

Jacqueline Silver, 56, social worker and labor leader who ‘stood for the people'

Silver led a union of roughly 750 at Temple University Hospital. “She was all about making sure we never stood down and that we always fought,” her coworker Celeste Bevans said.

Government employees back to work ... but still in ‘shutdown mode’

As federal employees head back to work and institutions like Valley Forge National Historic Park get back up and running, some wonder if this is truly the end.

The government shutdown is over — for now. So what happens next?

“We don’t know when we’ll be back to work, and perhaps most importantly, we don’t know when paychecks will come out,” said Alex Jay Berman, a union leader who works in customer service at the IRS.

At Philadelphia airport, TSA workers and officials rallied for end to shutdown

“Brothers and sisters, welcome to the world of indentured servitude," said Matt Culbertson, a 16-year veteran of TSA.

Philly labor will rally Friday at the airport in support of TSA officers

TSA workers are among the most visible and the most vulnerable, said Richard Gennetti of federal worker union AFGE.