As a columnist working in the digital-opinion group, I take on advocacy projects, which will include public events to bring real names, faces and experiences to the issues the columns cover. The goal: engagement and change.

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Introducing The UpSide: Good news in and around Philly

On April 7th, the Inquirer will launch TheUpSide, a new four-page Sunday section of stories that celebrate the best of us – and the best in us.


Drag-racing cop’s apology was two years too late | Ronnie Polaneczky

Adam Soto, the drag-racing off-duty Philly cop sobbed through his apology to the victim's family, but it's impossible to overlook the fact that his first words of remorse were offered as he pled for a judge's leniency.


Neshaminy, it’s time. Ditch the ‘Redskins’ name already. | Ronnie Polaneczky

What Neshaminy School District leaders appear to venerate a little too much are the opinions of community members whose fond memories of the school are so entwined with the Redskins moniker that killing the mascot feels akin to killing a precious, shared identity. But isn’t that what memories...


Christmas comes early to St. Anne’s, thanks to a casino | Ronnie Polaneczky

In just one decade, the Penn Treaty Special Services District, funded by SugarHouse Casino, has given over $6 million to fund hundreds of community projects.


If you want to change the world, be like David Fattah | Ronnie Polaneczky

David Fattah, who died Dec. 5th, spent his life meeting people where they were at - which inspired them to get to someplace better.


Kensington High’s cell-phone ban: What readers and the principal had to say after my last column | Ronnie Polaneczky

Readers sound off about the controversial policy, which has some students storing their phones - for a fee - at some corner stores.


Want to help thousands of people but don’t have the Rockefeller bucks to do it? Join a giving circle.

Plenty of Philadelphians have found a new way to give back.

How corner stores in Kensington are helping students deal with their high school’s cell phone policy

The irony is that the phone ban meant to help kids be safe inside the school forces them to scour the sketchy neighborhood for places to stash the phones they need to be safe outside, too.

Could a garden tended by drug users be the thing that unites fractured Kensington? | Ronnie Polaneczky

"I picture drug users tending the garden alongside neighbors. They begin to find things they have in common while they bond over something healthy, positive and growing."


A landowner who’s an ally, not a bully? In Philly? | Ronnie Polaneczky

Last Saturday, I visited a narrow, vacant lot at 5th and Pierce Streets in South Philly to lay eyes on the guy who owns it – an absentee landowner whose behavior is so crazily out of character in this city that I needed proof of his existence.