Tricia L. Nadolny is an investigative reporter.

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Furnace Party: Viral letter inspires real party in Brewerytown

Hundreds of people gathered at a vacant lot in Breweryton Saturday, heeding a request made in a viral letter. Philadelphia's Furnace Party was a hit. And the man behind it all was revealed.

‘He was a misogynist’: How did Bloomsburg hire a president who had been forced out of two previous jobs?

Some former colleagues call Bashar Hanna a “bully;” others see him as a demanding, yet supportive boss. Four months into the job at Bloomsburg, Hanna was accused of harassing his executive assistant.

Union and administration at Community College of Philadelphia fail to reach agreement after meeting

The union representing faculty and support staff at the Community College of Philadelphia plans to renew talks with the administration on Monday. Classes will be held for the college of 27,800 students.

Ex-Flyers forward convicted in Finnish cocaine case

Former Flyers’ forward Jori Lehtera was convicted in a Finnish court Wednesday of buying cocaine and given a four-month suspended jail sentence. According to Finnish news reports, the jail time will be lifted if Lehtera faces no more serious charges through October 2021.

Slow to clean house, Drum Corps International wastes no time punishing critic

On Monday the youth organization swiftly punished a corps, Arsenal, whose director had criticized other corps leaders.

Report: Flyers’ Jori Lehtera will skip court date in Finnish drug case

Flyers forward Jori Lehtera will miss his scheduled appearance in a Finnish court Tuesday, where he is facing charges of buying cocaine, a Finnish newspaper reported.

Flyers’ Jori Lehtera charged in Finnish drug case, prosecutors seek five-month sentence

Lehtera, a forward, faces charges for buying cocaine in his native Finland.

Police seeking 33-year-old man in shooting death of new mother

Police are seeking 33-year-old Tyrese Lynch, who they say shot and killed his girlfriend Isis Williams, on Friday as her newborn baby slept feet away.

Special Report

Elite youth drum corps have become a haven for instructors with sexual misconduct in their past

Nearly half of the World Class drum corps that compete in Drum Corps International have employed at least one former teacher previously disciplined for misconduct with a student, an investigation by the Inquirer found.

Drum corps seeks $1.5 million from former director after sexual misconduct scandal

After being sued by George Hopkins for more than a half million dollars, Allentown's Cadets have counter sued for losses allegedly incurred because of the scandal.