David Murphy is a sports columnist for the Daily News and Inquirer. He joined the company in 2008 and spent the next six years on the Phillies beat.

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Sixers’ free-agency wish list should prioritize a backup center who would allow Joel Embiid to play significantly less | David Murphy

The Sixers' All-Star center should have a hard cap of 30 minutes per game next regular season, whether the fans like it or not.


How much of a risk do the Sixers face by giving Jimmy Butler a max contract? | David Murphy

Let's compare how other top-tier players have performed once they enter their 30s.


Tobias Harris should be a heavy betting favorite to return to the Sixers. Jimmy Butler? Not so much. | David Murphy

The Sixers will almost certainly do everything they can to bring back Harris. From there, let the debate about Butler rage.


Three things we learned from the Sixers’ Elton Brand, Josh Harris | David Murphy

We know they didn't intend to fire Brett Brown. So what else did they have to say?


On a morning after like no other, Ben Simmons, Sixers reveal little about summer plans | David Murphy

Hours after a crushing loss, few elaborated on what they'll be doing during the offseason. But there's plenty of time for that.


Kawhi Leonard vs. Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons shows how far Sixers’ young stars have to go | David Murphy

The Sixers can hope at least one of their young stars will follow a similar trajectory as the man who ended Philly’s title hopes.

NBA playoffs: Predicting Game 7 between the Sixers and the Raptors

Our coverage team is split on who will be headed off to Milwaukee after Sunday night's Game 7.


Sixers will be facing an uphill battle against Raptors, but they are tough to bet against in Game 7 | David Murphy

From the home crowd to the Game 7 experience do-or-die physicality, the Raptors have an edge at the margins.


A few things worth considering from Sixers-Raptors Game 6 | David Murphy

Among them: There’s a good chance the 76ers are going to need Joel Embiid to be even better in Game 7.


Sixers proved something, no matter how Game 7 against Raptors ends | David Murphy

From Ben Simmons, to Jimmy Butler, to Brett Brown, the Sixers proved that the future is still bright, regardless of what happens in Toronto on Sunday.