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Philly DA Krasner pledges attack on housing theft

District Attorney Larry Krasner announces arrest of alleged forger who stole seven homes.

Sources: Pa. Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty received union-paid benefits in Local 98 case

Sources say the justice, brother of indicted labor leader John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty, is “Family Member No. 4” described in the indictment unsealed last week. A spokesman for Kevin Dougherty said he never knowingly accepted any benefits.

Ex-con charged with stealing homes from the dead

William E. Johnson is accused of stealing seven houses with forged deeds, faking the signatures of dead owners or aged “sellers.” The allegations were detailed in an Inquirer investigation.

For Johnny Doc, union-paid generosity began at home

Dougherty allegedly bestowed on his relatives home renovations, extravagant meals, lavish birthday parties, and shopping sprees. Three men on the union payroll collectively referred to as “the kids” were portrayed as personal gofers for his family by prosecutors.

Union official and councilman at the same time, Bobby Henon crossed the line, prosecutors say

Federal indictments paint Councilman Bobby Henon as abusing his power on behalf of his union.

As Philly neighborhoods gentrify, house theft is a growing problem

In neighborhood after neighborhood undergoing gentrification, the outright theft of homes is becoming an especially virulent problem in Philadelphia.

In Penn State sex-abuse probe, former state prosecutor Frank Fina acted properly, panel says

A three-member advisory panel says Frank Fina should not be blamed for a subpoena served in the probe into a sexual-abuse cover-up by top Penn State officials.

U.N. speech by Temple prof draws fire from university’s board chair

Marc Lamont Hill, a Temple professor, delivered a speech that has stirred a furor. He was highly critical of Israel for its treatment of Palestinian and called for "a free Palestine from the river to the sea."

Ex-Attorney General Kathleen Kane headed to jail after appeal fails

Kane, the first woman and first Democrat to be elected to the state's top law enforcement job, was convicted two years ago on perjury and other charges.

Zenon Mazurkevich, Philadelphia architect known for beautiful churches, dies at 79

His passion was ecclesiastical architecture. A church he designed in Chicago has been called one of the nation's 10 most beautiful churches.