I cover issues related to rights and explore our changing understanding of them. Topics include freedom of expression, gerrymandering, and digital privacy and security.

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As election officials delay Philly voting machines decision, activists press for answers

Activists for paper ballots are cheering the city’s postponement of a decision on new voting machines, but they remain frustrated by the process.

Days after city and state watchdogs criticize process, decision on Philly’s new voting machines hits road bump

Philadelphia's city commissioners will not vote on a new voting system Wednesday.

Special Report

You’ve heard about the blue wave from last fall, but did you know about Pa.’s red response?

There may have always been a Red Pennsylvania and a Blue Pennsylvania. But they didn’t always look like this.

County election officials say Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget falls short for new voting machines

Wolf's budget proposes $15 million, with hopes of more to come. It's not good enough, county election officials say.

Philly Clout

Early jousting on polling in Philadelphia’s Democratic primary for mayor | Clout

City commissioner Anthony Clark will have to work for his six-figure salary. For a change.

Thousands of absentee ballots were rejected as record turnout encountered Pa.’s tight deadlines

In recent midterm elections, around 2,000 absentee ballots were rejected statewide because they arrived after the deadline. Last election, more than 4,600 ballots were rejected just in Philadelphia and its suburbs.

N.J. Supreme Court forgives hundreds of thousands of old municipal offenses

The court also ordered the creation of an procedure for annual review of old cases.

Federal shutdown ties up new voting machines for Montgomery County

The shutdown has left Montgomery County in limbo as it tries to implement new voting machines by the May primary.

As N.J. and Pa. fall behind in voting access, governors call for reform

New Jersey and Pennsylvania have made some changes to their electoral systems, but they’re falling behind, experts say. The governors are calling for change.

Controversial Mariner East 2 pipeline now in service

The pipeline was put in service Saturday.