Rita Giordano is a health and science reporter. She writes about pediatrics and issues involving children and youth.

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CHOP’s new prescription against hunger - a food pharmacy

The pharmacy is the newest effort by the West Philadelphia hospital to address food insecurity – the shortage of adequate nutrition estimated to affect one in five Philadelphians.

Suicide risk quadruples for people with cancer, Penn State study finds

The risk of patients taking their own lives varied by the type of cancer they had, as well as factors like their age and gender.

Many parents whose teens have thought about suicide don’t know it, CHOP/Penn study finds

Half of parents whose teenagers have had thoughts of suicide don’t know it, and over three-quarters of parents are unaware that their youngsters think a lot about death, according to a new study.

Pet opioid prescriptions have soared, Penn study finds. But who’s really using the meds?

“We found that the increased quantity of opioids prescribed by our hospital was not due to increased patient volume alone,” said study author Dana Clarke, an assistant professor at the vet school.

Trauma in early childhood boosts the risk of teen obesity, study says

Adolescents who reported all six adverse childhood experiences were 1.5 times more apt to be overweight, 2 times more likely to be obese, and more than 4 times at risk for severe obesity.

Where do you live? It may give clues to how old you’ll grow, federal data suggest.

In Montgomery County’s Lower Merion, the average life expectancy is nearly 92 years. But five miles away in North Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion section, the median life expectancy is a little over 64 years.

Babies, toddlers at greater risk from second-hand smoke than previously thought, Penn State study finds

Researchers found that up to 15 percent of the youngsters tested had levels of cotinine, a byproduct of the body’s breakdown of nicotine, comparable to what would be found in an adult smoker.

Need a pal? No problem. Just Rent-A-Dog from the Camden County Animal Shelter.

Camden County Animal Shelter mini-dog-fostering program helps provide exercise, stimulation, and socializing. It's even good for the dogs.

Could your dog have dementia? Here’s what you need to know about pet senility

It can happen to us. It happens to them. How you can help.

N.J. sues drug company Janssen, alleging it deceived the public about opioids

The state's attorney general alleges that the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary downplayed the drugs' addictiveness and targeted the elderly.