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Appeals court largely upholds Philadelphia win over Trump administration in sanctuary city case

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court ruling that the Trump administration could not withhold federal grant money because of a dispute over immigration policy and enforcement

Do border walls really work?

"Walls work, and walls save lives," the president said. Experts say otherwise.

Report: Undocumented workers hired, fired, at Trump property in Camden County

About five workers at the president's golf course in Camden County were recently dismissed or told not to report to work again, the New York Times reported.

As Chinese New Year arrives, a story of refugees past and present

In 1949, as Mao’s revolutionary army advanced on Shanghai, thousands of people in China’s most Westernized city faced the same life-altering decision: Stay or go?

Report: ICE arrests of undocumented immigrants at Pennsylvania courthouses scare away victims, witnesses

Courthouses have become an emerging battleground. ICE insists its actions are consistent with long-standing law-enforcement practices, while immigration advocates and some judges say courts are being undermined.

The shutdown is over for now, but big delays loom in Immigration Court

Some immigrants who already have waited two, three, or even four years for their hearings may have to wait two or three years more.

From China to Philly — with wonder, at Christmas

China is officially atheist, so while Santa pops up in stores and displays, Jesus is generally ignored. Both religious observance and government persecution of believers is on the rise there.

Immigration? Americans want the same or less, and many other countries seek way less

Large majorities in Israel, Russia South Africa and Argentina say their countries should let in fewer immigrants.

Construction of border walls exploding around the world, as Trump demands billions for barrier at Mexico line

Today, dozens of big-budget border walls have sprouted up around the world — a new phenomenon driven largely by the desire to block the flow of millions of refugees and migrants fleeing war or poverty.

New Jersey AG moves to limit police cooperation with federal immigration enforcement

"Every New Jerseyan should be able to raise their children, go to work, and contribute to their communities without the fear that an ordinary interaction with police could derail their lives," said ACLU-NJ Senior Supervising Attorney Alexander Shalom.