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ACLU sues Pa. judge for illegally detaining groom on wedding day

A Cumberland County couple's wedding day was temporarily derailed when a judge accused the groom of being in the U.S. illegally. ICE agents confirmed that he was a legal permanent resident.


After Johnny Doc indictment, it’s time to bury the kingmaker myth | Opinion

Let's make this municipal election the one where we no longer tolerate the political figures who amass power behind the scenes, and then exert their influence on the city in not-so-subtle ways.

How did Johnny Doc bend Philly government to his whims? By weaponizing a councilman, prosecutors say.

The allegations detailed in the 116-count indictment range from embezzlement to claims of corruption and political vindictiveness. But undergirding it all was a portrait of Dougherty as a man intent on reshaping Philadelphia to his vision through sheer force of his considerable clout.

‘I got a different world than most people’: Indictment alleges theft, abuse of power by Johnny Doc and Local 98 leaders

Prosecutors allege Dougherty used the union as his 'personal bank account' and used to Henon to settle petty feuds, threaten rivals, and even delay planned legislation.

The giant rat, the Pennsport punch, the kingmaker: Who is Johnny Doc?

From the Pennsport punch to the soda tax, John Dougherty has pulled the strings in Philly politics for decades.

Murders in Philly are on the rise. Fewer are being solved. And now police are fighting about overtime.

The number of murders in Philadelphia has spiked to 315 — the highest in six years — and police overtime spending has fallen 5 percent. Detectives say their investigations are being compromised.

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Gunshot victims suffer lifelong injury and financial crisis, with little help in sight

America's gun violence epidemic has created an overlooked fraternity of gun violence survivors who struggle to find resources needed to survive.

2-year-old girl killed in YMCA parking lot in Haverford Township

The child reportedly got away from her mother, sat down in a parking space and was struck by a vehicle that pulled into the spot.

‘I can’t get my brother back’: Hammer attack part of deadly day in Philly

"I shouldn't be burying my little brother," Damon Hunter said of his brother, Derek Hill, who was beaten to death in West Oak Lane on Saturday morning.

For GoFundMe scammers, the lying was easy

In an age where it's easy to put anyone under a digital microscope, Kate McClure, Mark D'Amico, and Johnny Bobbitt Jr. managed to rob more than 14,000 people without breaking a sweat.