Stephanie Farr covers Philly Culture for the Philadelpha Inquirer, Daily News and She writes about the people, places, things, and ideas that make Philly and its suburbs weird, wild, and wonderfully unique.

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We The People

Jess and the Mansplainers: A band of college profs led by a superhero expert

You've never heard “Axel F” until you've heard it played on the steel drums.

Jess and the Mansplainers at practice

Jess McCall and her band, Jess and the Mansplainers, practice at an auditorium at Delaware Valley University.

Running club chases, helps apprehend theft suspect in University City

“If this running club had been put on this earth for anything, it was that particular moment right there.”

The Patriots Super Bowl parade will pale in comparison to Philly's Eagles parade

Philly showed the world how a Super Bowl parade should truly be celebrated: with unadulterated joy, and without Tom Brady.

We The People

He never took an art class and 'just happens to be autistic,' but creates intricate sculptures of Philly buildings

“I just show who I am,” says Kambel Smith, a self-taught artist.

Gritty at NHL All-Star weekend: Outdoing the Fiji girl, fighting a ref, and more

Gritty brought his Philly attitude to San Jose for NHL's All-Star Weekend.

We The People

She’s no loaf: At 94, she works 6 days a week at a Giant bakery in Montco

Wynnifred Franklin applied for her job when she was 72.

We The People

A Philly plumber found a bag of items stolen 20 years ago inside a wall. Then, he found its owner.

The bag's owner, who is now a cardiologist with Jefferson Health System, was a student when items were taken.

Potbellied pig found bound and beheaded in Northeast Philly

The pig appeared to be less than 50 pounds but further information about the animal remains unknown, pending a full autopsy.

We The People

Hospital worker known as ‘Pete the Groin Crusher’ has crushed 10,000 groins ‘without even a sweat’

“I’m holding someone’s groin for 20 minutes, they tend to remember me and nobody else."