Joseph N. DiStefano writes about Philadelphia-area enterprise, and the people and money that make it go.

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DowDuPont is heading for a historic split. Early results have been poor. Will these massive spin-offs work?

Hedge fund billionaires jammed Dow Chemical and DuPont together, sold and shut factories, and now are splitting the group into three. The billionaires said this would make investors rich. Instead, share prices are down, and other investors are prowling Wilmington looking to buy what's left.

SEC Chief hangs out with students at N.J. shore high school, discussing fraud and the importance of investing early

"History has a way of repeating itself," Clayton said. "We are trying darn hard to make sure it doesn’t.”

True Talent Advisory discloses its annual revenues for the first time

True Search is more of a traditional search company with 10 offices around the world while Thrive, a spin-off, is more tech-focused with staff also in San Francisco and Austin.

David’s Bridal takes a hit from rating agency, casting doubt on its reinvention effort

“David’s Bridal is at elevated risk of failure” to pay its long-term debts," said an S&P analysis.

Safeguard quadruples its investment as MasterCard buys Transactis

Radnor-based venture capital firm Safeguard Scientifics says it has collected $57 million from its investment in New York-based Transactis, a digital, bank-based bill-paying service.


'A better story’: PACT rally lauds top Philly biotech, software, boss and start-up talent

For 2018, Paris-based consulting giant Capgemini’s $500 million purchase of Wayne-based LiquidHub topped PACT’s list. But Dell Boomi, BioTelemetry, BioBots and LLR's Howard Ross were also honored.

Avantor IPO, at lowered price, enriches investors in former VWR, Covidien

The sale comes a week after the year’s largest U.S. IPO to date, Uber, fell in initial trading amid concerns it will be tough to earn the profits needed to justify a high price.


Why does Philadelphia keep giving money to this small but well-connected bank? (Update)

One of the last ethnic-based banks gets $5 million from the city and the PIDC development agency, but faces a struggle to return to profitability.

Philly consulting firm AC Lordi and its staff join BDO

BDO USA, the Chicago-based business accounting and advisory firm with $1.5 billion in yearly sales, says it is adding 100 professionals from Philadelphia-based management-consulting, accounting and auditing firm AC Lordi, as of June 1.


Meet Binji, a card that tracks your cash, and Ciright, a West Conshy tech shop with skin in the game

Ciright’s start-up partners pay for its services at least partly in equity -- a share of the business -- so if they succeed, Ciright does too.