I cover state government and politics in the Pennsylvania Capitol, chronicling the policies that impact people’s lives and pocketbooks – and the personalities, money and special interests behind them.

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Gov. Wolf creates command center to connect workers with jobs

Many Pennsylvania businesses report their biggest problem is finding skilled workers in the state.

The Pa. Senate security chief resigned after sexual harassment allegations. The state has been paying his legal bills ever since.

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati’s office signed off on paying at least $23,355 to cover the legal expenses of former security director Justin Ferrante, who is being sued for harassment, according to documents.

Roman Catholic dioceses in N.J. announce victim-compensation funds

Unlike in other states, the five Roman Catholic dioceses in New Jersey will offer one victims compensation fund, rather than operating it separately for each diocese.

Gov. Wolf unveils budget: More money for public schools and a higher minimum wage

The governor is calling for a $34.1 billion budget. The plan also includes a tax on natural gas drilling to finance an aggressive infrastructure improvement program.

Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf to unveil budget with familiar call for a tax on natural gas drillers, but with a twist

The Democratic governor will unveil his budget Tuesday in a speech before a joint session of the legislature.

Democratic Senate colleague calls for State Sen. Daylin Leach’s expulsion

Newly-elected Sen. Katie Muth (D., Montgomery) is asking the Senate's ethics committee to expel Leach.

Gov. Wolf seeks increase in Pa.’s minimum wage

The governor wants to raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania from $7.25 to $15 by 2025.

Sen. Daylin Leach sues woman accusing him of sexual assault, and two #MeToo activists

Cara Taylor, an Allentown-area woman who alleges Leach lured her into performing oral sex when she was a teenager, is among the three defendants Leach names in his defamation suit.

Pa. House leaders to fellow lawmaker accused of sexual assault: Resign

Jennifer Storm, head of the state’s Office of the Victim Advocate, said the woman believes she was drugged while she was out at a Harrisburg restaurant with a friend because she has no memory of what happened to her after she consumed fewer than two alcoholic drinks.

Top Pa. Senate Democrats knew of allegation against Sen. Daylin Leach months before launching investigation

Top Senate Democrats were notified about sexual assault allegations against Sen. Daylin Leach nearly a year ago but launched a formal investigation only after the woman contacted nearly every senator this month,