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Dorm assistants at most colleges get thousands. At Haverford, they're paid $0. Why?

At Bryn Mawr College, it's $2.5k a year. At Swarthmore College, nearly $8k. And at Haverford College, students are paid $0 for the residential support they provide. What's up with that?

Move over, Gritty: The rise of e-sports is building a new fan community for Philadelphia Fusion

They watch their team on a screen. They build communities via Discord, Twitch, and Twitter. And they're just as fiercely Philly as their counterparts in reality sports. Meet the fans of Fusion, Philadelphia's first professional e-sports team.

‘A labor of love’: The lives of Boathouse Row’s little-known inhabitants

Philadelphia's iconic boathouses have been standing for more than a 150 years, and at that age, a leaky pipe or a loose wire left unfixed can spell doom. They might be long gone, in fact, if not for the Row's "watchers on the wall" — resident managers.

Immigrants find health — and home — in Philly’s Buddhist centers

A Penn State survey of the region's Buddhist spaces show the ways they support some of the city’s newest East and Southeast Asian residents.