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If your spouse thinks you have a memory problem, you might want to listen

It's good to take a spouse along to doctor visits about memory. And, keep depression in mind.

Demand is high for new doctors. So is pay.

One specialty has starting pay of more than $500,000 a year.

Cooper’s Dr. Brain Dude has let thousands hold real human brains

The researcher wants regular people to be able to feel what it’s like to hold our most important body part, an experience usually only available to medical students and brain scientists.

Hold a brain, talk to a neurologist, get a free bike helmet at Philadelphia brain fair

The American Academy of Neurology, in Philadelphia this week for its annual meeting, is sponsoring an event for the general public Thursday May 9 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

New guidelines for Tourette syndrome treatment call for behavioral therapy before medication

The guideline is the first of its kind for the American Academy of Neurology, which is meeting in Philadelphia this week.

Why aging middle-class people can’t afford assisted living

A new study finds that millions of baby boomers could be priced out of the assisted-living market in 2029.

Millions of family caregivers wish they’d gotten more training, AARP report says

Caregivers need more training and support, especially for complex medical tasks.

Cooper University Hospital connects compassion and reducing PTSD

Patients who rated their care as more compassionate were less likely to develop PTSD.

Penn study finds genetic differences between heavy drinkers and alcoholics

The differences could lead to new ways to identify the risk for dangerous drinking and to treat it.

Older patients resist talking with doctors about their life expectancy, study finds

Some didn't even want to talk about talking, which makes things awkward for doctors.