Michaelle Bond is a Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer covering local and state government bureaucracy.

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Supreme Court to decide whether the 2020 Census can ask about citizenship

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Friday to decide whether the Trump administration can ask residents for their citizenship status in the 2020 Census, a question that could change how the federal government distributes billions of dollars to communities.

New Jersey dioceses name nearly 190 Catholic priests they say were credibly accused of sex abuse

The allegations against the vast majority of the clergy members named had already been publicly aired. Many were dead. Most of the misconduct described occurred in the 1970s and ‘80s and involved male teenage victims.

‘Like a police car sitting on the corner’: Governments turning to external tip lines to deter and stop wrongdoing

Trappe Borough in Montgomery County, Pa., is part of a small and growing group nationwide: One in 10 local governments offers employees and residents an external, anonymous hotline for reporting wrongdoing.

Guess who’s not happy about New Jersey’s new $15 minimum wage? Local governments.

As New Jersey’s minimum wage has risen through the years and business owners have protested their rising costs, one class of employer has been exempt: the government. That ended Monday when Gov. Phil Murphy signed the latest minimum wage law.

Philadelphia’s municipal IDs coming in the spring, city says, not this month

Philadelphia has pushed back its municipal ID program, which had been scheduled to start in January. It now says the IDs will be issued in "spring," but won't be more specific.

Government employees back to work ... but still in ‘shutdown mode’

As federal employees head back to work and institutions like Valley Forge National Historic Park get back up and running, some wonder if this is truly the end.

The government shutdown is over — for now. So what happens next?

“We don’t know when we’ll be back to work, and perhaps most importantly, we don’t know when paychecks will come out,” said Alex Jay Berman, a union leader who works in customer service at the IRS.

As government shutdown drags on, Pennsylvanians feeling the pain, Wolf says

The federal government shutdown is having a wide range of impacts on Pennsylvanians. Some first-responder training sessions have been cancelled and a federal report on water contamination around military bases has been delayed.

Government shutdown posing ‘risks to national security,’ FBI agents say in 72-page report

The FBI Agents Association said it released the report, “to ensure that Congress, the Administration, and the public are aware of the real and daily challenges faced by FBI Agents and the risks to national security posed by a prolonged shutdown."

Government shutdown jeopardizes museum’s celebration of 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote

“If we can’t apply for grants because their staff can’t work, that puts some of our public programs at risk in the future,” said PAFA museum director Brooke Davis Anderson.