Erin Arvedlund writes a weekly column for the Inquirer on investing and personal finance. Her first book was Too Good to Be True: The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff (Penguin).

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Could Vanguard one day control 30 percent of the U.S. stock market?

Vanguard could reach that level in less than 20 years at the company’s current pace.

Vanguard leaves competitors in the dust for 2019, quadrupling the nearest competitor for new money

The Malvern, Pa.-based investment giant grows even larger. The largest passive-fund manager is also likely to become the largest active manager as well within a few years.

Philly lawyer who stole $100,000 from elderly client to gamble gets 4 years in prison

What’s so unusual about Conner isn’t just that he stole from an elderly client, but that the Temple Law graduate worked as a high-profile attorney with Cozen and O’Conner, and for many years as a federal agent with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Vanguard issues 10-year forecast for stock, bond market returns

Vanguard also said it sees no imminent recession threat, and said the U.S. economy is currently in the mid- to late-stages of the business cycle.

With interest rates rising, what should you invest in? This seminar may have the answers

The Philadelphia chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors will host an event on investment possibilities based on rising interest rates at Bryn Mawr College.

Infrastructure-related stocks could be rebuilt if Congress passes new bill

If Congress can agree on an infrastructure bill, check out these investment plays.

Vanguard slaps new 0.50% fee on bond mutual fund shares, nudging customers into ETFs

Vanguard noted that “generally, these fees will not apply to transactions coordinated in advance between a client and Vanguard." So call Vanguard if you want to avoid the fees.

Nonprofit that serves one in five Delaware County residents over 60 wants volunteers

Senior Community Services in Delaware County is actively recruiting volunteers for its four locations in Folsom, Darby, Sharon Hill, and Chester for various positions including drivers, meal runners, gardeners, program instructors, front desk receptionists, and Medicare counselors.

Vanguard says millennials and baby boomers both fueling popularity of exchange-traded funds

Exchange-traded funds are baskets of stocks or other assets that come with lower cost for investors.