2017 BMW i8

Base price: $143,400.

As tested: $152,695.

Standard equipment: A mid-mounted 1.5- liter turbo engine coupled with six- speed automatic gearbox driving the rear wheels and front- mounted electric motor powering the front wheels through a two-speed automatic producing an

all-wheel-drive layout.

Options: An additional $8,300 worth of software, hardware, and hedonism including an industry first: laser headlights.

Fuel economy:

28 mpg city

and 29 highway.

Engine (and electric motor) performance: Wow!


Top shelf.

Ride comfort: Very good.

Styling: Other-galactical.

Warranty: Four years/50,000 miles bumper to bumper (eight years/100,000 miles on hybrid battery).

The Ben key: Four Bens, excellent; three Bens, good; two Bens, fair; one Ben, poor.