Trump's pick to lead CIA to face questions about torture

WASHINGTON (AP) - The first woman to run the CIA, if confirmed by the Senate, is described by her colleagues as a seasoned veteran with 30-plus years of intelligence experience who would lead the agency with integrity.

But President Donald Trump's pick to replace Mike Pompeo, 61-year-old Gina Haspel, also oversaw torture at a secret CIA prison in Thailand. Ahead of her confirmation hearing, Republican Sen. John McCain says Haspel will have to explain the nature and extent of her involvement in the CIA's interrogation program.

Trump announced on Tuesday that he had chosen Haspel to succeed Pompeo, who is replacing ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. She has been deputy director of the agency since February 2017.

Former CIA Director John Brennan calls Haspel a competent professional and predicts she'll be confirmed.