Salmonella Infects Wild Kitty Cat Food

WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to buy or use Wild Kitty Cat Food after the agency found salmonella in a sample of the raw product.

The FDA warning on Tuesday affects 3.5-ounce and 1-pound containers of Wild Kitty Cat Food's "Raw All Natural, Frozen Cat Food , Chicken with Clam Recipe," manufactured by Wild Kitty Cat Food in Portland, Maine.

Cats and other pets who eat the food could become infected with salmonella. People are at risk of infection if they handle the cat food, touch pets that ate the food or come into contact with any surface the food has touched, the agency said.

The FDA is not aware of any reports of illnesses.

Stephanie Nadeau, president of Wild Kitty Cat Food, said the company has acted in good faith and in complete compliance with FDA regulations and manufacturing guidelines.

Nadeau said the FDA warning affects less than 1,000 pounds of cat food, which consumers could have purchased since July 2006.

Retail stores, distributors and Internet retailers nationwide sold the product. For more information, visit