Gere and Dad Boost Meals on Wheels

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Richard Gere appears with his father, a longtime volunteer for the Meals on Wheels Association of America, in the organization's latest public service ads.

Father and son teamed up for a print ad and a television spot after the association learned that Homer Gere has been a meal delivery volunteer for almost 20 years.

The ad, headlined "My dad teaches me how to act every day," does not identify Richard Gere, 57, by name.

"We didn't want to make a big thing of that," Homer Gere told The Post-Standard of Syracuse, where he lives.

The print ad has so far appeared in issues of Prevention and Sports Illustrated.

Meals on Wheels officials said the actor was enthusiastic when approached about the daylong August shoot. They were working to get the full-page ad placed in other publications and hope the video will be picked up by broadcasters in the spring.