Mike Tyson‘s Genius Money-Making Scheme Involves ’Superhuman‘ Contestants

On FOX‘s Superhuman, two contestants were making former heavyweight champion, and judge on the show, Mike Tyson see dollar signs.
Math master Andrew Body‘s super fast mental calculations were so mind blowing that Tyson was calculating another formula in his mind, even asking him to move to Vegas before the round was over. “What do you do for a living?” he asked. Body replied, “I‘m moving out to Vegas. I‘m going to gamble with you, Iron Mike.” Body then exited the stage as the other contestants showed off their superhuman abilities.
In the last round, the judges were introduced to Alex Mullen, whose incredible ability of memorization allowed him to recall all 52 playing cards in the same sequence he was shown on the screen within seconds.
After all the contestants took their turn impressing the judges, each judge had to choose one finalist. When host Kal Penn asked Tyson why he chose Alex, Tyson explained, “Because what he did was amazing and remembering the cards and I‘m just thinkin