Woman With 'Biggest Boobs in Europe' Tries to Enlarge Another Body Part

On the season premiere of Botched, a woman traveled all the way from Germany to visit Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif in the hopes that they would assist her with enlarging her backside to match her front. “I have the biggest boobs in Europe, but I need my butt to match my boobs” she said.
With the accompaniment of her super encouraging boyfriend, and manager, Michael, Martina explained her problem to Dubrow and Nassif. Martina said she had liposuction from her waist down to her knees five years ago, which caused her butt to fall flat.
With 3,700 CC implants in each breast, weighing nine pounds each, Martina Big was looking to insert 1,500 CC silicone implants into each butt cheek. However, the doctors knew right away that it wasn‘t a procedure that they would be able to perform. “Sometimes just telling a patient a procedure is a bad idea isn‘t enough,” said Dubrow, “You have to show them.”
Dubrow then placed the implants in Martina‘s pantyhose and asked her to try sitting down. After a diff