Thursday, August 21, 2014
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Will immigration bust the city budget?

Philadelphia is finally growing again, but part of the reason is a huge influx of immigrants from poor countries like China, Vietnam, and India. Philadelphia already has enough problems with poverty, so should this be this be a cause for concern for city taxpayers? Ben Waxman of “It’s Our Money” talks with city officials who are working to encourage economic development in immigrant communities. Video by Michele Tranquilli / Daily News

Letters to the Editor
ISSUE | SCHOOLS Lose the attitude How could an Inquirer editorial ("It isn't just city schools," Aug. 17) claim that "the same old anti-Philadelphia mentality" prevented legislation allowing a $2-a-pack city cigarette tax from passing (so far)? Surely the Editorial Board knows that both houses of the General Assembly have already passed bills allowing the city to increase the cigarette tax, and by large bipartisan majorities.
In response to Robert Bryan’s remarks concerning black people “crying” racism: What planet do you live on? Better, what country?