Sunday, September 21, 2014
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Will immigration bust the city budget?

Philadelphia is finally growing again, but part of the reason is a huge influx of immigrants from poor countries like China, Vietnam, and India. Philadelphia already has enough problems with poverty, so should this be this be a cause for concern for city taxpayers? Ben Waxman of “It’s Our Money” talks with city officials who are working to encourage economic development in immigrant communities. Video by Michele Tranquilli / Daily News

Letters to the Editor
There is nothing wrong with spanking a child who needs discipline in some situations.
Stu Bykofsky's insulting piece, "'White privilege'?- I just don't see it," contradicts itself, since no African-American writer at your paper or any other big-city newspaper around the country would be able to have an article published that is called " 'White privilege'?- I just don't see it."