Sunday, March 29, 2015

Faceoff: Should health care reform include a public option?

As the health care debate continues, the focus now is on whether the final bill should include a government-run "public option." Inquirer columnist Joe DiStefano and Daily News columnist Elmer Smith discuss the issue.

Letters to the Editor
ISSUE | RANDOM ACTS Kind stranger in rain Philadelphia was truly the city of brotherly love last week. My wife, 88, and I, 94, were walking to a medical appointment on 10th Street near Walnut when it began to rain. A young woman saw us and gave my wife her own umbrella, saying, "You better take this." My wife and I were shocked at such consideration from a stranger. When my wife demurred, the woman said that she could always replace the umbrella.
JOE BIDEN still wants to run for president. At least, his friends tell me, a big part of him does. He talks about the prospect readily, whenever reporters or voters ask. He doesn't sound as if the ambition that fired him to run when he was 44 or 64 has diminished at 72.