Rocky-Eagles hype video causes Super Bowl 2018 crowd to go wild

The Super Bowl LII crowd went wild when an Eagles-Rocky hype video appeared on the Jumbotron at U.S. Bank Stadium during the first quarter.

We knew the Super Bowl crowd was rooting for the Eagles based on their reactions prior to the start of the game. But any question about the pro-Birds sentiment among the 70,000 or so people crammed into U.S. Bank Stadium were quickly silenced midway through the first quarter.

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After Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski knocked through a field goal to tie the game 3-3 (the first time the Patriots have scored during the first quarter in a Super Bowl in the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady era), fans went nuts when an Eagles-Rocky fight song aired on the stadium’s Jumbotron.

Apparently, each team shares time on the Jumbotron. Following the Eagles-Rocky hype song, the Patriots aired a video featuring wide receiver Julian Edelman and the Dropkick Murphys didn’t garner the same reaction.