Most spirited Eagles fans at the victory parade

“This is a 16-year-old cheesesteak. I’m a season ticket holder and I wear it to every game — it’s my game hat.” – Jordan Doff, Southampton

The city bled green on Thursday, when millions flooded to the street for the Eagles’ victory parade.

Flans flocked from all over the region and beyond to come out and show support for their favorite, newly crowned Super Bowl champions.

From freshly dyed hair to temporary face tattoos to full-out green onesies, Eagles’ enthusiasm shined bright from head to toe across the crowd. Below, find more than 20 of the most spirited fans we encountered while wandering near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the grand finale of the parade route.

“I grew up a die-hard Eagles fan and my friends, and I would always scour thrift stores for old school gear. My husband grabbed me a hoagie this morning and so now I’m fully prepared.” – Claire Laver, Lafayette Hill

“The robe has been with me for over 30 years. I travel to go see the Eagles, and it always goes with me. What’s better than hanging out in a bath robe?” – Alex Rendon, Franklin Mills

“Like us, Yoshi was always the underdog. People would always bet against him in Mario Kart.” – Phil Marchini, Northern Liberties

“I’ve been a fan for 40 years and wanted to show my spirit as I celebrate with the next generation.” – Joe Spence, Bethlehem

“The win is a good look for the city, and I wanted to look good too. I wear the fanny pack every time the Eagles play. It’s my good luck fanny pack and the snuggie, too.” – Kathy Caldwell, Mt. Airy

“I knew we were going to win in the Super Bowl, and I wanted to truly represent. This hat flaps its wings!” – Tyrell Oliver, Tennessee

“It’s all about bleeding green. I’ve liked the Eagles since I was a kid, and I just wanted to showcase as much green as possible.” – Brandi Lewis, Pennsauken, NJ

“I’ve been watching the Eagles since I was born. It’s a dream to combine It’s Always Sunny and the Eagles in one day.” – Jason Dooley, Holmesburg

“I’m cast in a couple of potential pilots for sitcoms, and I like to make people laugh everywhere I go. So I tell people I’m the ‘OUD’, the Overweight Under Dog.” – Mike Paquin, Roxborough

“I love the Power Rangers and the Eagles are great, too, so what better excuse to wear this.” – Troy Krichmar, Northern Liberties

“The jacket was 50 cents at a thrift store. It’s lasted me well for every St. Patrick’s Day and now for every Eagles parade to come.” – Eugine Lee, Washington DC

“I’m celebrating by bleeding green. The tutu brings me through all of my favorite green seasons, from Eagles’ wins to St. Patty’s Day.” – Casey Perry, Franklin Mills

“My daughter bought a bunch of pretzels, so I sprayed one with acrylic and turned it into a necklace. It’s the bone of the underdog.” – Ted Suchodolski, Manayunk

“This is a 16-year-old cheesesteak. I’m a season ticket holder and I wear it to every game — it’s my game hat.” – Jordan Doff with his dad, Richard Doff, Southampton

“I’m flying high. I wanted to be perched like an eagle and see overhead everyone.” – Eddie Delmoral, Bridgeport, NJ

“The pants were a pollyanna gift. It was one of those Pollyannas where you could choose to steal a gift instead of keep the one you got, so I went right for the pants.” – Larry Love, Northeast Philly

“We are just so excited. I’ve had theses hats for a long time, and I’ve been waiting for this day to come. We bought them locally from the Philly Crackheads.” – Danielle Milbourne, Fairmount, and Jordan Conley, Wilmington, DE

“I saw a photo of this while I was at the Super Bowl. It was red, white, and blue. I said ‘I need that!’ so we bought it and decided to turn it into the Philly Special. Next it’s going to Mardi Gras.” – Jerry Market, Philly

“I’m an architecture major so it made sense for my friends and I to show our love for Philly like this. Our professor actually helped us buy the materials.” – Dillan Hobby, Eldersburg, MD

“The cape is keeping me warm. I’m proud to wear it — now I can finally talk back against my Ravens’ friends because we won. ” – Andrew Rigg, Frederick, MD

“We figure we should go a little fancy for the Super Bowl parade and bring in the dancing lobsters. Case closed.” – Brian McCabe and Xavier Stanish, Philadelphia

“I picked this up when I went to Mexico. I actually had it before Fletcher did, but you know, it’s all good.” – Douglas Cox, Germantown

“Yeahhhh Eagles!” – Shrek, unknown