After Eagles Super Bowl parade, Jason Kelce and 'Philly Dilly' tattoos are in demand

Adam Elliott is planning on tattooing Jason Kelce’s face onto a man’s body Saturday.

The client wants a permanent caricature of the Eagles offensive lineman eating breakfast — pork roll and scrapple, obviously — as an homage to part of Kelce’s epic, profane tirade that was the undisputed highlight of Thursday’s Eagles Super Bowl victory parade.

Elliott, a 43-year-old tattoo artist and the owner of Passion & Pride Tattoo in Cheltenham, has been buried in requests for Eagles-related tattoos since the Super Bowl. He’s tattooed portraits of MVP Nick Foles, the Lombardi Trophy, the “Philly Special” play design and, since Thursday, he’s had “like 14” inquiries about getting some sort of Kelce-related tat.

Somehow, this is not uncommon. One fan tweeted that he left the parade Thursday night and immediately got a Kelce tattoo that features the lineman wearing a genie hat and the words “F— EM” underneath.

And it’s not just Kelce. People want Foles’ face tattooed onto themselves. “Philly Dilly” tats are a thing, too. If it has to do with the Birds’ historic season, people want it on their bodies. Permanently.

Camera icon ANNA ORSO / Staff
The Eagles tattoos were custom designed by tattoo artist Gerry Colon.

That’s the lesson one can learn just walking around this weekend’s Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, a gathering of tattoo artists from across the country taking place at the Convention Center. Amid the metal music, the buzzing of handheld tattoo machines and the smell of cleaning products are signs depicting Eagles logos and special pricing coming from a handful of parlors taking advantage of Philadelphia’s collective post-Super Bowl high.

They’re catering to people like Craig and Jake Babroff, a father-son duo from Cherry Hill, who wandered around the convention Friday window-shopping ink, looking for who was offering the best price. Craig, 49, wants a modern-style Eagles emblem tattooed on his arm. Jake, 19, wants his in the same spot. But he wants the old-school logo.

“It’s been a tiring week, between the game and the parade,” Craig said. “But we got to do this.”

Elliott and tattoo artist Gerry Colon were standing next to each other at the convention, sporting Eagles hats and offering Super Bowl-related ink ranging from a flying Eagle holding a football to a juiced-up-looking, angry bird standing with its arms (wings?) crossed behind the Lombardi Trophy. The two live in Philadelphia, and say the demand for Eagles ink has been like never before.

Ditto for Nick Panzer, a tattoo artist who works at Olde City Tattoos. He and MiMi Fulton, who works in sales at the shop, said the business has collectively tattooed a couple dozen Eagles-related tattoos since the Super Bowl. Before the Super Bowl, Panzer tattooed “Philly Dilly” on a client. Fulton said another artist at the shop inked a second client with an image of the LOVE statue and “Philly Dilly” underneath it Friday afternoon.

Camera icon ANNA ORSO / Staff
Olde City Tattoo is offering a number of Eagles-related tattoos this weekend at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention.

At the convention, the shop was offering custom designs, including an Eagle holding the Lombardi Trophy and a rabid-looking dog similar to the mask popularized by players who this season embraced the “underdog” mentality.

“People have been going crazy,” Fulton said.

Other parlors from out of town — that aren’t, for instance, owned by Eagles fans — are admittedly capitalizing on the moment. Dina Fleming, a tattoo model with the Ohio-based Flesh to Fantasy Tattoo Emporium, showed off 11 Eagles tattoo designs at the shop’s booth Friday, including emblems and the words “Fly Eagles Fly.” They vary in price depending on size, color and location on the body.

“We thought it would be wise to play to the crowd,” she said. “Know your audience.”

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Art & Tattoo Studio, based in Coachella Valley, Calif., offered up Eagles tattoos for a $100 special.

Art & Tattoo Studio, based in Coachella Valley, Calif., offered up Eagles tattoos for a $100 special. While he was tattooing a water color design on a woman’s shoulder Friday, tattoo artist Dominic Velasquez said he was “definitely” expecting an influx of Eagles fans coming to get inked this weekend. That’s why he and his colleagues pulled images from the internet and advertised the special. One depicts a cartoon boy relieving himself onto the Patriots emblem.

“They’re awesome little tattoos,” he said.