Hardball host Chris Matthews delivered an Eagles-centric monologue Monday night during his "Let Me Finish" segment of the show, following the team's first Super Bowl title the day before.

"It really is a city about some regular guy getting a shot at the title and yesterday the whole city of Philadelphia not only got its shot, it was more than that," the MSNBC anchor and Philadelphia native said. "You could see the look in those players' faces before game time. They weren't there just to go the distance, but to win…the Super Bowl."

"Philadelphia, the city of all that feeling and guts, is now world champion," Matthews said. "This is the week the underdog stands on top, don't you think? Before the whole world."

You can watch Matthews' entire segment below…

Matthews also interviewed Mayor Kenney, who talked about his reaction to the Eagles' win and the parade coming up on Thursday.