Bathrooms at Eagles parade: Porta potties collapse, coffee cups become urinals

Michael Boren, Staff Writer

Updated: Friday, February 9, 2018, 9:38 AM

People climb on porta-potties to view the parade. In one area, a row of porta potties caved in beneath the weight of fans.

Blame it on the free beer. Or the number of porta potties — only 850 planned for a projected two-million-plus people.

Either way, Eagles fans pretty much went to the bathroom anywhere they could find along the parade route Thursday, (and climbed anything they could find, too).

Alternative to port-a-potties. 

— Amy S. Rosenberg (@amysrosenberg) February 8, 2018

Free Library now a free toilet. #Eagles #Eaglesparade

— tommy rowan (@tommyrowan) February 8, 2018

Some fans found, um, creative ways to go.

In lieu of a bathroom, some urination innovation out here on the Parkway. Tubes down pant legs that empty into the mud. People peeing int…

— Samantha Melamed (@samanthamelamed) February 8, 2018

…into coffee cups and pouring them on the ground.

— Samantha Melamed (@samanthamelamed) February 8, 2018

Some really didn’t want to lose their spots.

someone is peeing into a beer can because he found it preferable to losing his spot on the parade route

— philadelphia west (@emquast) February 8, 2018

Others climbed on top of porta potties to get a good view of the parade.

Porta potties serving a dual purpose…

— Julia Terruso (@JuliaTerruso) February 8, 2018

Inevitably, this happened.

a whole bunch of porta potties just caved in #flyeaglesfly

— Joshua Scott Albert (@jpegjoshua) February 8, 2018

The bathroom lines were long hours before the parade — and that was before drinking got into full-swing (at least for some people).

It’s only 8am and there’s already a huge crowd on the Parkway and huge bathroom line #Eagles @KYWNewsradio @CBSPhilly

— Hadas Kuznits (@hadaskuznits) February 8, 2018

“It’s not going to work,” said Sean Halstead, 26, waiting outside City Hall, where lines for porta potties were at least 15 people deep around 9 a.m. “Two million people, I say at least a million of them are drunk, which means they’re impatient.”

Jay Price, 29, sipping a morning Miller Lite as he waited in line, had a simple response for how people would start to relieve themselves: “Find a street.”

The porta potty lines outside City Hall around 9 a.m. Yeah, they’re long (and gonna get longer).

— Michael Boren (@borenmc) February 8, 2018

Unable to find a porta potty, some parade-goers turned to police officers.

Best quote from the Philadelphia police scanner so far: "Does anyone know where the closest porta potty is on Broad Street? We're being inundated with requests."

— Greg Pickel (@GregPickel) February 8, 2018

Some fans were urinating before even getting to the parade route.

Seeing a woman decked out in Eagles gear openly peeing on the side of the road on 76, at 7:30am, in 27 degree weather, is the most Philadelphia experience I’ve ever had.

— Danny Dagorn (@ddagorn) February 8, 2018

Others gave up — or just didn’t bother — waiting in line.

Woke up, looked out my window. Already someone peeing in between the dumpsters set up for parade trash. 來

— Melissa McCleery (@mkmccleery) February 8, 2018

I have not even left my block and already seen 13 people peeing. That is not a typo. 13.

— Steve Faulkner (@southpolesteve) February 8, 2018

Still, not every porta potty was mobbed. Some near the Linc were wide open early on.

If you gotta go, come to the Linc parking lot.

— Bobby Allyn (@BobbyAllyn) February 8, 2018

And for the record, this would happen in any city celebrating a sports title. So cut Eagles fans a break.

Michael Boren, Staff Writer

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