Friday, August 1, 2014
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Video that almost killed Angelo Cataldi released by WIP

He choked on a cheesesteak after spoofing Geico's Cheesesteak Shuffle.

WIP has finally released the video that left Angelo Cataldi all choked up.

In a near-fatal way.

After the taping, cheesesteak clogged the windbag's windpipe, and he couldn't breathe until Spike Eskin performed the Heimlich maneuver, saving the life of the morning-show host.

The idea was to have fun with a Geico car insurance ad, not test Cataldi's life insurance.

View: "The Cheesesteak Shuffle spoof that almost killed Angelo Cataldi"

The Geico ad, which aired during halftime of Sunday's Super Bowl, showed the spokes-gecko doing a dance called the Cheesesteak Shuffle with Philadelphia's Geno's Steaks in the background. The pretext was that just as you can get a cheesesteak in Philadelphia all day and night, you can buy discount auto insurance around the clock.

View: "Geico gecko does the Cheesesteak Shuffle"

It was "awful," to quote the 700 Level blog.

Last Monday, in a hallway outside a studio, WIP taped a Cheesesteak Shuffle spoof/tribute, featuring Cataldi and fellow radio personalities Rhea Hughes, Al Morganti and Ike Reese, among others.

It's at least as goofy as the gecko version.

You could say Cataldi's mugs and moves are so exaggerated, he's no gecko, he's a geeko.

Anyway, you can clearly see Cataldi rip off a huge chunk of cheesesteak, which he said followed a bite he never got a chance to chew.

As he started to walk away, his throat jammed and he gestured to Spike he needed help.

It was no joke. And yet it was a gag.

Spike's father, Howard Eskin, longtime Cataldi nemesis, appeared on Angelo's show the next day, questioning his son's decision.

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There's even a catchier music video version of the Cheesesteak Shuffle from Geico.

Truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes it's even stranger than a Geico commercial.

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