Union has discussed two deals for Mbolhi, source says

(Russell Isabella/USA Today Sports)

Major League Soccer's transfer window ends Aug. 6, and much of what the Union may be able to do depends on their ability to deal goalkeeper Rais Mbolhi.

With a salary of approximately $500,000 and two years remaining past this one, the Algerian World Cup keeper has a difficult contract to unload.

Despite that, a source familiar with the proceedings said the Union thought they had two deals for Mbolhi that fell through at the last minute. One was with a team in England.

"There is interest in him, but it has to make sense for the team," the source said.

Almost any deal in which the Union could unload Mbolhi's contract would seem to make sense.

Mbolhi continues to be on the roster but has not practiced with the team or dressed for a game since he started the first five matches of the MLS season.