United world's most valuable franchise

For all the turmoil and talk of debt, Manchester United is still the most valuable franchise in sports.

Forbes released its list of the world's most valuable teams yesterday, with the English Premier League club leading the way at $1.84 billion.

The top American franchise, the Dallas Cowboys, was second at $1.65 billion. The New York Yankees, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, Real Madrid, New York Giants, Arsenal, New York Jets and Houston Texans round out the top 10.

Amid protests from fans, Manchester United's owning Glazer family has insisted it will not entertain offers for the club, which has around $1 billion of debt.

Among the Philadelphia teams, Forbes has the Eagles valued at $1.1 billion (seventh, NFL), the Phillies at $537 million (sixth, major league baseball), the Sixers at $344 million (14th, NBA) and the Flyers at $273 million (fifth, NHL).