Notable quotes from the Major League Soccer All-Star Game

Here are some highlights from the postgame press conferences and mixed zone after the Major League Soccer All-Stars beat Chelsea, 3-2, at a sold-out PPL Park.

MLS All-Star Team head coach Ben Olsen on his squad's style of play in the win:

The way they played I think was fun to watch for the fans, and that's what these are still about - entertaining the people that come here. We've talked about results, and of course we know MLS is on a stage, and every time we play people are interested in how MLS is doing. I think they did MLS proud tonight.

Olsen on the qualities that the Philadelphia Union's Carlos Valdés and Michael Farfan brought to the All-Star Team:

Valdés, you could make a case that he could have started. He's as good as any centerback in this league. Michael is a real talent. He's fun to watch. I've liked him since college, and now he has done a great job here in Philly.

The fan base here in Philly has been fantastic. It's a great atmosphere. It's nice that they were on my side a little bit today, and that will last maybe a couple more weeks.

Philadelphia Union midfielder Michael Farfan on his emotions when he entered the game as a second-half substitute for David Beckham:

It was exciting, especially to do it in front of all the Sons of Ben, and to do it at home in Philly. It was an awesome experience.

Farfan on whether Olsen or Union manager John Hackworth said anything special to him as he prepared to enter the game:

Nothing. Just to enjoy it and have fun, and just cherish the moment.

New York Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry on the quality shown by the MLS All-Stars:

It is just a friendly game at the end of the day, even if you win 10-0 or lose 10-0. But take away the victory - although it is important for the league, don't get me wrong. I think what was important was the way we played.

We passed the ball on the ground and we were trying to do some moves. To combine with the strikers, playing with the fullbacks' crosses, not losing the ball stupidly. I thought at times we did more than that. So I think that's the thing you can take away from the game, is the way we played.

Seattle Sounders forward Eddie Johnson on whether he has wanted to prove anything to those who may have doubted him when he returned to Major League Soccer:

I'm not really trying to prove anything to doubters. I'm just trying to prove things to myself.

I had a chance to work with a sports psychologist in the offseason, and some of the questions he asked me was "Do you still have that drive?" I think talented players don't lose their talent. It's the drive, and that's one of the things - this year I just want to challenge myself to be as consistent as I can.

That's one thing where as I look back at my career, I haven't really been consistent. Goals would come here and there, and then I'd go into a bit of a slump. But right now, I just want to try to be as consistent as I can, and be consistent at hard work - putting myself in good spots on the pitch, and when I get chances, take chances.

Vancouver Whitecaps defender Jay DeMerit on playing 90 minutes even though he has a game Friday:

When [Sporting Kansas City's Aurélien] Collin came off with an injury [during the first half], I ended up playing 90 [minutes]. Ben [Olsen, the MLS All-Stars' head coach] asked me if I could keep playing, because he had no one else. He asked me to step up, and I had to do that.

DeMerit on Eddie Johnson scoring the winning goal:

It's a credit to Eddie. He has had to bounce back from certain things that were going wrong, and it takes a certain character to do that. To see him perform the way he has over this season, and to see him really be back to the Eddie Johnson that he was is a credit to him, and I hope that can continue.

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard on David Beckham's talents, and the controversy over his not being selected to the Great Britain Olympic team:

For me, there was no need of a reminder. I've watched his games this season, I know what he's like. I know how fit he is, I know the quality he has. To me, there's no doubt.

There was a big story with him and the Olympics because he's such a massive ambassador and a statesman for our country, as well as a great footballer. That was why the Olympic stuff was there. But as a player, he's still got lots.