If JJ Redick had turned down the Sixers' one-year, $23 million contract last offseason, it's possible an Andre Iguodala homecoming could have followed.

On the Bill Simmons' podcast, Redick (who has his own podcast with the Ringer) said Iguodala would have received his contract offer had he declined Sixers' GM Bryan Colangelo's offer.

"Bryan put a timetable on it, he said 'You've got about 20 minutes to decide. I'm going into a meeting with Iguodala, who I'm going to make the same offer to. At that point I made the choice and yeah, [I have] no regrets. It was an enjoyable of a year of basketball and as enjoyable of a year being in a fun culture that I've had."

Redick said he was heavily considering an offer to follow his former Clippers teammate Chris Paul to Houston, but when Rockets' GM Daryl Morey shortened the deal from four years to "three years for $36 million" in a sign-and-trade with the Clippers, his decision became easier.

Redick talked about a slew of topics, including the Sixers' Game 5 elimination loss to the Celtics, a game in which he missed two late threes that could have iced the game. He said the one that stings the most, one that could have put the Sixers up 112-107 with a minute left in the game, still haunts him.

"The shot that will kill me, and that I still haven't really gotten over is 109-107 under a minute and a half to play. T.J. drove baseline in Game 5 and hit me on the wing and I probably got my best look I got all series and just missed it," Redick said. "That would have put us up five in Game 5, at that point, we would have had a really good chance to close out that game."

Redick said the pain of this Sixers' season ending was comparable to the worst playoff-ending losses in his career.

"When you feel like you leave a little bit on the table, it's harder to deal with." Redick said. " … When you're on a team where you think you have a chance and it ends, and it ends abruptly. Because you're thinking to yourself two weeks ago, two Wednesdays ago you're thinking 'I have a home game Friday night,' … and it just ends, it hits you really hard."

Redick also touched on the Sixers' upcoming pursuit of LeBron James, and whether the current Sixers players follow the rumors around him and other stars.

"We talk about it. There's a group of us that are in the hot tub and the cold tub after practice or shootaround every day and those conversations inevitably happen," Redick said.

"I think if you have the chance to get LeBron James, you go for it, and you figure out the rest later," he added regarding James' fit with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.