White left off European trip

Royce White during Sixers media day. (Steven M. Falk/Staff Photographer)

BILBAO, Spain - New 76er Royce White tried last week to dispel any speculation that air travel would hinder him from playing for the team this season.

However, the 6-foot-8 forward, who has an anxiety disorder, wasn't among the 14 players who flew here Thursday. The Sixers will face Bilbao Basket on Sunday at the Bizkala Arena at Bilbao Exhibition Center. On Tuesday, they'll face Oklahoma City in Manchester, England.

"It really was just based on our team doctor giving me and [general manager] Sam [Hinkie] and the club advice that it may be best for him to remain at home," Sixers coach Brett Brown said of White's absence. "You know we are with him. We will support and help him."

It was widely believed that White's perceived fear of flying contributed to his failure to play in the NBA last season.

Kwame Brown, Jason Richardson, Arnett Moultrie, Solomon Alabi and Nayal "Mac" Koswhel also didn't make the trip.

Maybe someone should have informed the NBA that Brown wasn't going to make the trip. He is one of four Sixers being promoted here for Sunday's game. A banner of the 6-11, 290-pounder hangs right outside of the arena's entrance in the BEC. Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes are the others being promoted.