Tony Wroten's killer crossover

Tony Wroten isn’t participating in the Summer Leagues with the Sixers, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t playing ball and working on his game.

Wroten was last seen in Seattle, playing in the Seattle Pro-Am, and embarrassing not only his defender, but also all of the help defense, with a killer crossover.

Wroten sets up his defender perfectly to bite for a fake before spinning the ball from his right hand to his left, then taking two quick dribbles with his left before quickly pushing the ball to his right hand while leaning left.

Just look at the help defender: He got faked from right above the restricted area all the way to the free throw line. Luckily, he held on to his shoes. 

It was a beautiful move, and really showed Wroten’s ability as a ball-handler, which he was able to display at times with the Sixers last season.

Wroten's reaction, which included joyfully skipping around under the basket knowing that he had just embarassed his opponent, was almost as good as the move itself. 

In addition to showcasing one of the better crossovers seen this summer, Wroten dropped 53 points in the game. More highlights of his performance can be seen here.

Hopefully, Wroten breaks out some moves like that on-court for the Sixers this season. 

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