The Sixers tank ran out of gas

With the third pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Sixers probably won't select Andrew Wiggins.

I know, I know... owning the third and tenth picks in the draft isn't bad at all. But I think expectations were high in Philly. I mean, they even trotted out Hall of Famer Julius Erving to be the team's on-stage representative. How do you let Erving get upstaged by the Cavs?!?

At the very least, we can hold out hope that the Cleveland Mulligans make another boneheaded decision and draft someone like Joel Embiid or Marcus Smart, with the top pick. That way, either Wiggins or Jabari Parker drop down to us.

But I also hoped tanking this season would secure the Sixers either one of the top two picks. How'd that work out?